Oregon Confetti, by Lee Oser

Reviewed by Anne-Sophie Olsen


In this sharp and fast-paced novel, author Lee Oser pits love against lust, beauty against aesthetics, and truth against falsehood in the politically charged art scene of Portland, Oregon. With writing that is self-aware and guided by a trust in the mysterious, Oser follows art dealer Devin Adams through tangled webs that intersect the past with the present and the cynical with the transcendent. When Devin’s friend John Sun shows up at his door bearing a mysterious baby, Devin is pulled into a dangerous adventure. Rude awakenings and madcap choices abound along the way, and by a strange grace Devin finds himself pondering questions of hope, sin, freedom, and redemption. Though Oser occasionally indulges in more teaching than storytelling, he has succeeded in holding honest, rough-edged characters up to the light of mystery and letting moments of grace change them for the better.

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